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TIME SENSITIVE Is this enough food?
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Post Wed, Feb 14 2024, 4:03 pm
amother OP wrote:
So I added soup

Chicken and rice dish
Baked apple slices

I’ve been in situations where no one offered for me. Even super simple pb&j sandwiches would have been appreciated.
I want her to feel like I care

I also included plastic plates, bowls, cutlery napkins

And of course a note

So now this should be enough
She could feel pampered

You're amazing. She'll feel so loved. Pampered.
Kol Hakavod. You can tell it comes from your heart!
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Post Wed, Feb 14 2024, 4:28 pm
We eat soup every night
I love soup, its filling, warm, comforting, and so easy to make
Thats the first thing I think of when making a meal for a kimpeturin

Its also the type of food that will last the week if not eaten right away

A good warm plate of soup is everything
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Post Wed, Feb 14 2024, 5:54 pm
The soup wasn’t such a big deal because I already had in the freezer. Butternut squash
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Post Wed, Feb 14 2024, 7:28 pm
OP it's a tremendous Chessed sending them a meal full of yummy food and Love. Perfect.
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Post Wed, Feb 14 2024, 8:30 pm
amother OP wrote:
Ok majority rules.
More than enough
I’ll add a fruit

I agree with giving extra. They can always save extras for a different night or freeze, and it will come in handy. I always like to err on the side of giving too much rather than too little.
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Post Fri, Feb 16 2024, 10:50 am
Mom called me to ask if I got confused and cooked for Shabbos. 🤣
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