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Bris estimate people

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Post Thu, Feb 15 2024, 6:11 am
How do I give an estimate of amount of people? I can guess about our family and friends, but I have no idea how many people from shul will come?
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Post Thu, Feb 15 2024, 6:12 am
Is there a shul office person or rabbi you can ask if they have a sense? In my shul they tell us 10-20 people will take food for a weekday bris after regular shacharis minyan
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Post Thu, Feb 15 2024, 6:15 am
Actually wondering the same. By my last one we set up for 130 ppl but ended up running out and they had to bring more food. Iyh I will have to make while the next few weeks and I have no idea how many people I would set up for.

Bought my last one was on a Sunday and it was also very late so I feel like people came.
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