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S/O what naive thing have we all done lately?
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Post Sat, Feb 24 2024, 6:39 pm
amother Royalblue wrote:
When I was in high school, some girls were talking about kallah classes.
I knew all about s-x and all that, was not naive about any of that, but had never heard of kallah classes (was second to oldest in my family so hadn't come up yet, no older cousins), and assumed it was about the wedding...
So I said "Oh, I always wondered how kallahs know what to do at every part of the wedding"
And based on the snickers, I immediately chapped, but it was too late TMI TMI

This reminds me of the girl who told DHs cousin on a date "when I get engaged I won't need kallah classes because I already know how to dance!"
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Post Sat, Feb 24 2024, 8:32 pm
LovesHashem wrote:
Oh that was me. Just noticed, probably happened while scrolling by mistake. Took it off now.

Thank you Smile
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Post Sat, Feb 24 2024, 9:10 pm
In 11th grade, a very naïve classmate of mine made an announcement "I'm never gonna tell my husband when I get my period. It's none of his business."

Oh, the snickers.
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Post Sat, Feb 24 2024, 9:13 pm
I got remarried and was folding laundry. Dd age 8 asked if I was embarrassed that my husband sees my panties. Uh he saw a lot more than that…
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