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How long is your elementary school son's day?

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Post Sun, Mar 03 2024, 7:40 pm
What are teh hours?
I am nervous for my 6th grader next year to end at 5:30pm.
And then a bus ride home...
Such a long day
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Post Sun, Mar 03 2024, 7:46 pm
My son is in kita alef. (More like kindergarten-pre1a age. He's 4 but most kids are already 5. He's from the youngest)
He leaves at 9 comes home 420. Morning bus ride is 15 minutes. Afternoon 45.
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Post Sun, Mar 03 2024, 7:58 pm
Pre1-5th is 8:30-3:45 6-8th 7:40-4:30.

5:30 is very late for a kid in elementary school.
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Post Sun, Mar 03 2024, 8:02 pm
Starting 5th grade my boys ends 5:15.
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Post Sun, Mar 03 2024, 8:07 pm
1-5 8:15-4:00 6-8 for boys is 7:30 - 4:45 and girls 8:15 -4:45
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Post Sun, Mar 03 2024, 8:11 pm
Middle school boys is 7:30-4:45
BH we don't really have a commute
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Post Sun, Mar 03 2024, 8:14 pm
1st-3rd grade: 8:45am-3:30pm
4th-5th: 8:45-4:30
6th-8th: 7:45-5:15
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