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Zoo theme help and poem

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Post Wed, Mar 13 2024, 5:33 am
anyone have a poem for zoo theme and ideas what to give out?
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Amelia Bedelia


Post Wed, Mar 13 2024, 5:37 am
Animal crackers
Sour sticks (lion on package)
Peanuts for the elephants
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Post Wed, Mar 13 2024, 5:40 am
Gummy bears
There are also animal jellies 3D or reg in small packets in a box

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Post Wed, Mar 13 2024, 5:42 am
Have a wild purim

Wild cherry pepsi
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Post Wed, Mar 13 2024, 6:38 am
Zebra cookies
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Post Wed, Mar 13 2024, 7:17 am
Animal crackers
Jellyfish candy

In a bag



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Post Wed, Mar 20 2024, 1:45 pm
I have a poem I wrote about animals in the jungle , maybe you can revise it
Deep in the jungle, my family did relocate
We wanted to avoid society, and had planned our big escape
We were convinced we would find, a better place than where we were
Was everyone so happy? Would some gossip start to occur?
The elephants seemed friendly, and never had a bad word
They stampeded when they heard something, they simply found absurd
The giraffe looked down to see, what we had to say
But when we tried to gossip, they lifted their heads away
The zebras looked so different, we were sure they’d stay with us
But after mere moments, found they had nothing to discuss
The monkeys were all laughing; hanging from the tree
They thought we sounded silly, and scratched their heads in glee
The tiger and the jaguar, would not even come near
No time for idle speaking, they had hopes to catch a deer
A rhino and a hypo may had argued half the day
But by nightfall they were friendly, eager to resume their play
Frustrated and annoyed, I tried another schtick
I introduced rechilus, sure it would do the trick
The lion, I whispered, thinks you aren’t as brave as he
He is convinced all his friends, will certainly agree
The alligator laughed, “Well then he is correct,
I have my skills in water, but he has my full respect “
So I saw it was difficult to rile this mixed bunch
They were more focused, on what they’d have for lunch
I thought the differences would certainly tear them apart
Different furs or diets, and strength within each heart
But each was content, with his neighbor that I saw
Respecting them regardless ,if they had hoof or paw
I realized then, that I had a lot to learn
And I would need time, to think though my concern
Perhaps it’s is me, who saw no harmony everywhere
And things were just fine, in the jungle air
I had to tell the kids, we must go home
Let their friends hear, we aren’t returning alone
We now have a few jungle, “beasts of prey”
To remind me of the lessons, I learnt this day
That we are as content, as we want to be
Whether it’s a lion or a monkey, in a tree
We just need to accept, each other strengths and flaws
And try to avoid their newly sharpened claws
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