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A bit sad...
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Post Tue, Mar 26 2024, 9:28 am
amother OP wrote:
BH, as I said- it is a large family- I was going to a seuda at one marrieds home- but not all the marrieds and grands were coming to that seuda. So I would not get to see those families- Parking is no problem at all where I live- that was not it- I always prep pekalach, and stacks of dollar bills to give to the grands- we take pics with them in costume- I have done this for years- this year- they did not show.

Oh I hear that. Must’ve been pretty disappointing. If they’ve all been coming for years and this year didn’t show either like others said it was circumstances, or something changed, like location.
Maybe have a conversation with one of your married kids so you can plan better for next year.
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Post Tue, Mar 26 2024, 10:39 am
patzer wrote:
I don't agree. Parents and grandparents who live locally should be your number-one priority. If you were to say that you were sick and couldn't leave the house, okay, life happens. But if you had time for "running around", well, you should run to your parents/grandparents first.
I, too, have many things to take care of on Purim, but paying a visit to my grandparents is number one on my list.
This, grandparents ARE a priority. Rebbe's and teachers you can give before or after. Or you make it your business to visit the grandparents after.
Hugs op, wishing you a beautiful pesach and a better Purim next year!
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Post Tue, Mar 26 2024, 7:06 pm
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