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I live in a dying frum community...ask me anything!
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Post Mon, Apr 01 2024, 5:41 pm
gibberish wrote:
How do you and your kids feel when so many friends are leaving each year? Do your kids still have friends to hang out with?

Have any shuls closed? Does the community still have enough demand to offer all the amenities that were there when you moved in?

Both my kids and I feel the lack of friends. It's hard....
Yes, my kids all have a handful of friends to hang out/play with. But it's hard... like if my kid really wants a play date on Sunday, and one friend went away for shabbos, one friend is sick, then they definitely feel the lack of options...

No, none of the shuls have closed, but only one has a Rav. The others barely get a minyan, and if it's a legal holiday weekend, forget it....

Certain amenities have definitely decreased/disappeared. For example, we no longer have Sunday little league for frum kids... there just aren't enough kids. Also, we have fewer ladies who serve as mikvah ladies, and it's been an issue on occasion. My husband doesn't love using the eruv anymore, because he isn't as confident with the person who is checking it now. The biggest thing is that we used to get deliveries from a kosher food distributor a few hours away.... now they can't service us because we just don't have enough orders to make the trip worthwhile for him ( we can still get kosher food fro other sources, we just don't have the same selection we had previously

No connection with Seattle.
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Post Mon, Apr 01 2024, 5:50 pm
I heard even big communities feel that lakewood is taking all the young people and their communities are shrinking.
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Post Mon, Apr 01 2024, 6:13 pm
how big was your community at it's largest size?
was the school good at one point?

I'm always fascinated and a little saddened by the history of far flung places that used to have a thriving Jewishin community.
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