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Morning routine help

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Post Mon, Apr 01 2024, 5:48 am
I have two DD that are having a hard time getting out of bed and dressed in the morning. Ages 4-8.
I would like to implement some type of temporary system/reward for about a week to get them in the habit of getting out of bed and start getting dressed as soon as they wake up.
Any suggestions?
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Post Mon, Apr 01 2024, 11:14 am
Any suggestions?
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Post Mon, Apr 01 2024, 11:17 am
What helped me was instituting a cause and effect set up.

If you are up and dressed by a specific time you can get breakfast at home, if not you must eat on the bus.

Perhaps tweak it for your kids. I have 3 wild boys.

It’s a healthy way to teach kids consequences of their actions.

This was recommended by my sis, jus sayin Smile
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Post Mon, Apr 01 2024, 11:25 am
When my kids were little, I set up a game for them. We laid out their clothes in a path from the bed to the door of their room. Then I set up arrows in the hallway to the bathroom. When I woke them up, they had to race each other. They had to jump to each piece of clothing and sit on the floor in that spot to put it on. Then they had to jump from arrow to arrow. When they got to certain arrows in the hall, they had to pick a card that would specify some kind of movement (10jumping jacks, for example) they’d have to complete before moving on. Whoever got to the bathroom first won. By the time they got there, they were fully awake.

This definitely took some work, but it helped for quite a while. For a less involved method, lots of parents have their kids sleep in their school clothes.
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