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Need Advice -- Sheitel Macher Ruined my Wig -- Help Help

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Post Mon, Apr 08 2024, 2:22 pm
Anon bc I don't want to embarrass the specific person. My first sheitel was second hand and it was too big on me, more on the sides in the back in the sense I could grab a handful of wig on each side, but from front to back it fit nicely and when I had it on, no one could tell that it was too big or bunching up, it just bothered me because I could feel it. Many people told me oh so easy to take a wig in, no big deal...I waited about 3 months to do it because I was hesitant and only did so after I bought a second sheitel at a super pre-pesach sale. Anyway....

I went to a sheitel macher who I found on instagram with a lot of videos and images of wig repairs she had done and everything seemed good. I schlepped there (very far for me, but I was willing bc I wanted this to fit better and I thought it was worth it). She looked at it on my head and said yes she could fix it, take it in so that the back sides were better. She said she would mail it back to me. I was a little uneasy but didn't think much about it because I couldn't stay hours waiting and also I know people have things mailed back to them, whatever.

Fast forward -- she sends it back, I don't try it on for a few days. When I try it on, the wig is SHORTER from front to back and she has clearly removed a ton of wefts from it and didn't mail those back to me. I almost started crying. I am livid. Not only that, but the bunchy-ness is still there a bit in the back on the sides! And so now if I out it on and it sits properly at my hairline in the front, it rides up almost an inch too high above my nape...similarly if I pull it back to sit at my nape it reveals my hairline.

I am freaking out and my husband is furious for me. I am so so conflict avoidant so I sent a tentative text about it nicely outlining the above and the response was sort of I'm sorry you're not happy with how it's fitting, you can send it back and I can try to fix it but I did what we talked about.

Help. What should I do? Do I send it back to her (I'm scared she will make it worse?)? I'm scared it's completely unfixable and ruined for good...I'm mad that she took all those wefts out and didn't return them to me because I understand they can be used for filling in bald spots in the lace later on and honestly this almost feels a bit like stealing to me...I need help with what to do, what to say, how to be more assertive...I also feel badly for this woman because she has many children, this is her parnassah, she is not living lavishly or anything and was very kind to me when I was there in person so I don't want to hurt her but I am just so upset and feel so stupid that I should have just left it alone....

Also, it's been a couple weeks now since she sent it back and I haven't followed up, partly because I am so conflict avoidant and partly because I am working full time and undergoing the first stages of IVF where I am at the doctor every other day for blood work and ultrasounds and I am exhausted and overwhelmed and this just feels like one more burden to deal with that I didn't need right now especially right before pesach (we are hosting!)

What would you do in this situation?
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Post Mon, Apr 08 2024, 2:59 pm
I wouldn't mail it back. Can you ask her, "what is your availability? Thanks for working on my wig, but I had some issues with this and this and wanted to come if and see if this is something you can fix?"
She might not have time now, but if you mention that you are ok waiting until after Pesach, she should be able to fit an appointment in for you.
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Post Mon, Apr 08 2024, 4:02 pm
Go back in person.
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Post Mon, Apr 15 2024, 5:54 pm
If you can go back in person I would.
Its really a shame that it seems the wig industry is a complete mess.
I can't tell you how many wigs, repairs, people, I have tried. I have been unhappy every time.
Sorry your going through this. I hope something changes soon. I've resorted to tichels because all my wigs are unwearable now after repairs, custom orders, you name it. GARBAGE.
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