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Info on Yeshivos in Israel Brisk/Praegers/Mir

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Post Wed, Apr 10 2024, 8:34 pm
If anyone can share info/phone numbers of people to speak to about getting your son into any of these yeshivos it would be greatly appreciated!
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Post Wed, Apr 10 2024, 10:21 pm
If I had the information, I would share, but I dont.

Speak to your son's rebbeim. They should be able to guide.
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Post Fri, Apr 12 2024, 8:25 am
For Brisk and Pragers, usually the Rebbeim in the Bais Medrash they are in now will get them in. There is no application process. Where is your son currently learning?

Can't speak for the Mir as I have no experience, so it may be different.
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