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Hate my curly hair now- advice?

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Post Fri, May 10 2024, 4:45 am
I had gorgeous curly hair, 2c/3a type. I learned how to care for it, rewet and style in the morning. It was long and pretty etc. but now that it’s covered it looks terrible. I hate taking off my sheitel at night and feel super insecure. I wish I could wear my sheitel to bed and for intimacy (not practical) lol. I’ve been married for a while now (over 5yrs I’m being vague on purpose) so this isn’t a new thing. Covering it the whole day flattens the top and smushes the curls and makes it frizzy and now it’s just always ugly except for when it’s literally wet out the shower. Gets covered as soon as it’s dry. I basically dont walk around with it uncovered because windows, ready to open the door or go out at any point.

I dont want to spend $400 on a treatment that’s just going to wash out in the mikvah or pool.

I’m seriously considering shaving or cutting it crazy short. It won’t be pretty but It’s not now anyways Sad

Advice from other curly hair girls if you’ve found a good solution?

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Post Fri, May 10 2024, 4:53 am
My hair is thick and was impossible to get under a sheitel, I took forever to split, twist, clip..
I cut the back very short and keep the front between chin and shoulder length so looks like I have normal hair from the front. But it's almost always in a barette/pony which really suits my face.
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Post Fri, May 10 2024, 4:56 am
Hello fellow curly girl. I use super moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. Very loose bun under a tichel. Dry down always. I have some hair loss around the temples from tight buns but it's growing back. With enough effort I can get it to look how it used to. Honestly the best solution I have found is to leave it down and uncovered as much as possible.
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Post Fri, May 10 2024, 5:00 am
Literally me.
I just have a tiny flat bun now. Used to have gorgeous red curly hair.
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Post Mon, May 27 2024, 4:52 pm
I really feel you! I literally could’ve written the exact same post with all the details ❤️ if you do find a solution, I’d love to know really struggling with this as well. The only ideas I’ve had is to wash my hair more often which isn’t good in long run but helps me feel prettier for intimacy and I plan on learning about the mitzvah of hair covering more in depth so I could have a deeper appreciation for it. I keep my hair covered always so having it uncovered/down more often wouldn’t help…
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Post Mon, May 27 2024, 6:40 pm
Ask dh what he thinks of your hair. Chances are he is not as judgmental as you and likes it just fine.
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Post Mon, May 27 2024, 6:59 pm
amother Gladiolus wrote:
Ask dh what he thinks of your hair. Chances are he is not as judgmental as you and likes it just fine.

Or he might be like my DH and hate it even more than her.
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Post Mon, May 27 2024, 7:59 pm
My hair is different but I also hate my hair. I loved my hair when single.
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