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Hair fell out of lace front in 6 months is this normal?

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Post Sun, May 12 2024, 7:36 am
It was a skin top converted to lace front. I am very delicate and I let it air dry, use sulfate free etc. The front is so bare already that makeup on the lace still shows bald spots. I don’t trust the place who did the job to fix it. It isn’t a huge area that’s bald, so I figure it probably isn’t a difficult repair…

It seems like this is very fast for a wig to lose hair, am I right? Also who in Brooklyn does a good job on these things? I’m on a tight budget and even 100 is a lot right now. So I am wearing a fall until I can pay for the repair. I’m frustrated about this.
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Post Sun, May 12 2024, 7:43 am
One thing no one tells you about lace fronts it needs constant upkeep and care so yes it somewhat makes sense. The lace stretched so needs replacement the hair falls out so need to add more etc. lace tops are extremely fragile. I do know some people that went back to old fashioned wigs because of this
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Post Sun, May 12 2024, 5:23 pm
I have my lace front for a yr already and no hair fell out….
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Post Sun, May 12 2024, 5:36 pm
I also had that. I had to add hair to a sheitel after having it for six months.
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