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"Jchat - Chatbot for Frum Mothers" Ad?

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Post Thu, May 16 2024, 4:44 am
Omg - anyone else got this ad on imamother?
It's a AI chatbot targeting frum mothers?!
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Post Thu, May 16 2024, 5:36 am
I also did NOT like seeing this ad
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Post Thu, May 16 2024, 6:51 am
I saw it too what is this?
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Post Thu, May 16 2024, 6:58 am
It's likely a frum woman who customized a gpt chatbot for frum mothers - don't need to make it sound worse than it is. It's also a paid imamother ad, not a Google ad, so must be approved of.
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Post Thu, May 16 2024, 7:02 am
Whats the big deal? What’s wrong with it?
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Post Thu, May 16 2024, 3:41 pm
Call me a Luddite, but I can't see the point to participating in anything that's powered by AI. Who wants to chat with a computer? At least here we're fairly confident that the people answering our questions are real people. They may be ignorant, misled, misleading, overconfident, egocentric, rude, or even trolls, but at least they're real people.
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