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Help! Bedwetting at 10 years old

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Post Mon, May 27 2024, 8:18 pm
My son is ten and is still bedwetting. I was also a late bedwetter and probably stopped around 10. Maybe earlier. When I signed him up for camp I thought he'd forsure outgrow it, but he still has accidents every so often. I would like to send him because I think it would be great for him to go. But I feel like even one accident in camp could be really bad for him. I'm looking for advice in a range of topics.
Did you ever send a bedwetter to camp?
How did you try to set them up for success?
Did that work?
ALSO!!!!! how can I help him to stop bedwetting? Obviously we have tried different things but would appreciate to hear anything that worked for you.
ALSO!!! if you have anything else to say in the topic would appreciate to hear!
Thanks ya'll
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Post Mon, May 27 2024, 9:12 pm
Give him meds
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Post Mon, May 27 2024, 9:13 pm
Is he a mouth breather?
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Post Mon, May 27 2024, 9:14 pm
All camps deal with this. Call them and ask how they deal with it. My girl’s camp has a number to call if your kid bed wets in the info booklet they sent.
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Post Mon, May 27 2024, 9:21 pm
I recently did the therapee program with my 11 year old. After a few weeks, he was mostly dry. It is expensive, but worth it.
If you don't have time for that, there's a medication your doctor can prescribe that is taken every night to prevent bedwetting.
Many kids bedwet. Camps are used to it and have solutions for you.
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Post Mon, May 27 2024, 9:29 pm
I have an older kid who is still bedwetting and he is obviously very frustrated about it. When he goes to camp doctor prescribes desmopresson

We also figured when he is constipated it's worse cause it presses on the bladder , he is now taking miralax daily and after a few days he is waking up dry.
We tried everything from waking him to several alarms, nothing works.
Doctor said he will outgrow it when he hits puberty. Hopefully sooner then later.
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Post Mon, Jun 03 2024, 11:14 am
Medication. If he doesn't mind taking risks, my brothers camp allowed Goodnites by the nurse, where they were taken on and off in the guise of night and morning medication. Theyre discreet.
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Post Mon, Jun 03 2024, 11:22 am
Therapee system is really good. I’m in same boat. If I don’t have a month dry starting now, I will give meds. Not worth the embarrassment.
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