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Post  Wed, Sep 10 2008, 2:29 pm
Hi everyone,
My husband and I just bought a house from an old lady (not jewish). She has a smooth, glass-top stove that we're inheriting.
Does anyone else have a stove like this? What do you know about kashering a stove with a glass top?
Here are my concerns...maybe someone can help me:

1) Can we kasher it without destroying it?

2) We like to leave a burner on low for yomtov and sometimes for shabbos. Can we?

3) Can we kasher it for pesach?
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Post  Wed, Sep 10 2008, 2:30 pm
As far as Shabbos, you will need a blech on it.
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Post  Wed, Sep 10 2008, 4:06 pm
You need to be super careful with blechs on a glasstop. A flat blech that cover the entire surface will crack it. Depending on my needs on a given shabbos, I either use a warming tray, or I turn over a cookie sheet on a single burner to use as a blech.

In terms of kashering, ask your LOR. Our rav did allow us to kasher ours. Though it's been almost 9 years, so I don't remember how we did it. Kashering for pesach we do like any electric stove. The only extra hitch is that we have to cover the non-burner areas since they can get stuff cooked on but can't be burned off. I use the longer heavy-duty foil. I lay it on cooled burners and cut out holes where the burners are. I make a bunch of these before yom tov so that if stuff gets under one, I can just take it up and replace it.
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Post  Wed, Sep 10 2008, 5:15 pm
I think there is a problem with the glass tops because when they reach the proper temperature it basically shuts off or it turns itself down
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Post  Wed, Sep 10 2008, 5:21 pm
Ask a rav, my friend bought a house from a non jewish owner. Her rav did not allow her to kasher the glass top.
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Post  Wed, Sep 10 2008, 5:30 pm
We bought one a house with one too. We had to build a kind of wall around the rim of the glass out of plasticine (probably about 3/4 inch high), then turn on all the burners, and pour boiling water into the wall, so it should bubble. It was a little tricky, as the burner shuts itself off and beeps franticly if the buttons get covered in water, and you cant use the buttons when they are wet, so I had one of those super-absorbent sponges and would quickly dry off the power button and switch it off before it became flooded again, and we had to do it a few times till it was really done all over.
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Post  Wed, Sep 10 2008, 5:56 pm
we were told to switch the glass. so we got a new stove...
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Post  Wed, Sep 10 2008, 6:01 pm
My aunt has something like that. But they bought it brand new with the latest technology. For example, if you have a cold soup, it can be boiling in only one minute. You can NOT put the blech on it. I don't know if you have to change the glass because they got it new. I think you can kasher it after an accident, but after someone non kosher lived there.. Hmm not sure...
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Post  Wed, Sep 10 2008, 10:45 pm
When my parents were building their house, they asked our rav about the glass-top stoves and he said that we couldn't use one. Something about them not being kosher, or not able to kasher them. Either way the rav said no way, you can't buy one (and that's talking about a brand new one, let alone used.)
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Post  Wed, Sep 10 2008, 10:46 pm
Oh, and I forgot to mention this rav is the head of the vaad.
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Post  Wed, Sep 10 2008, 11:08 pm
I have a glass top that was new when we bought the house here. I don't like it too much...I miss a gas stove! The glass top presents a prob. for pesach so I just bought a couple of plug-in burners to use for that week Smile this is my only. 02 on the matter right now. IMHO if you can replace it w/ a reg. electric and rather "inexpensive" stove then do.
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