To all job hunting amothers:

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Post  Thu, May 05 2011, 11:40 am
Best wishes on your job searches. May you find a job that meets all of your needs, and quickly!

As someone who has interviewed candidates for entry level positions (teachers, day camp staff, assistant teachers, babysitters, office staff), there is one mistake that I have seen too many times. It can be summed up in one word: PROOFREAD! Make sure that any written correspondence with your potential employer has a professional tone, is appropriate, and does not have typos or other errors. As someone receiving emails, cover letters, and resumes, I am shocked by the number of applicants who write things like, "U2," use broken English, and send resumes that are completely unprofessional.

When you contact a potential employer, you want everything about you to scream, "HIRE ME! I AM GOING TO BE A WONDERFUL EMPLOYEE." When I get the types of communication described above, I will rarely even grant the individual an interview. You are showing me that you don't care enough to do something that is for YOUR OWN BENEFIT correctly, and therefore I have no reason to expect that you are going to do that things that I need you to do correctly.

I apologize if this is a harsh post, but I felt that it could be helpful to so many people.

Proofread, have someone else double check, or do whatever else it takes to ensure that you are presenting yourself as the wonderful employee you are going to be!

an amother who would love to hire you- just show me why
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