Your recurrent dreams
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Post  Wed, Jan 11 2017, 7:48 am
What are your recurrent dreams?

Here are some of mine:

1. I'm taking a trip to Israel, except that I never quite make it there. I get lost on the way to the airport, or we have no passports, or can't find our tickets etc. Or I make it to Israel but it looks nothing like Israel.

2. I'm in my house and I discover an entirely new room/floor/wing that drastically increases our living space. (I had this more often when we lived in a tiny apartment.)

3. I'm walking down the street in my neighborhood and suddenly it turns into this completely unfamiliar area that looks suburban with wide lawns etc (this was when I lived in Brooklyn)

4. I'm running away from something or someone and I run into an apartment building, but somehow all the houses are connected so you are walking through people's living areas. People are home and I'm just walking through their house trying to be unobtrusive.

5. I'm on a road and the car is going through areas where a car cannot go--like up a staircase, or on railroad tracks, or indoors, around hallways etc.

6. I'm out in public and I'm without shoes. (It's always shoes, not other items of clothing.)

7. It's erev shabbos and I'm completely unprepared, like five minutes before licht bentchen. Or it's pesach and I realize the house is still chometzdik.

Okay these are mine... go ahead and psychoanalyze!
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Post  Wed, Jan 11 2017, 9:26 am
I am in either highschool or seminary.
I am moving and I have only so much time to pack and I have to leave things behind.
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Post  Wed, Jan 11 2017, 9:31 am
I often dream that I am walking down the street on a sunny day, with my hair uncovered, blowing in the breeze. I'm wearing a tank top, and I can feel the sun on my shoulders. It's amazing, and I'm always sad when I wake up. Crying or Very sad

A dream I've had as long as I can remember, is that I'm in a thrift store or vintage clothing store, and I find an old velvet purse that has a TON of money in it. I buy the purse for cheap, and the money greatly improves my life, because I was desperately poor when I found it.
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Post  Wed, Jan 11 2017, 9:31 am
I am in a concentration camp, usually with my father, and being beaten and demeaned in every possible way. it's a very quiet and frightening dream, no talking. like it's happening on mute.
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Post  Wed, Jan 11 2017, 9:57 am
That's funny, OP, I have two of the same dreams - not being ready for Shabbos/YT (and I am a HUGE planner so that would never happen) and discovering a whole new floor in my house (and it's always the same, too - and I always wander around wondering why we aren't using it Very Happy )
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Post  Wed, Jan 11 2017, 10:28 am
Op I had the shoes dream too.

I used to dream that I found myself in school with my very untznius night shirt (it was like $7 so that's all I had. I had three of them and some old torn nightgowns) bare in mind I went to satmar school. In those years. in camp you had to wear socks and a robe the get off your bed....

Some other such dreams.

I've since learned that it had to do a lot woth my anxiety that people will find out wjats going on at home. To the outside we looked like a perfect family. Well dressed, pretty, thin, well mannered. Very smart and talented. Big house. Nice shidduchim. Friends. Lots of grandkids.....

But at home. Life was hell. With a mother that is severly narcissistic it was all about the outside image. And we did great at that. But on the inside, we were empty. I was just a shell.

From your op it sounds a lot like anxiety dreams. Might not be about abuse, but is there a secret you have or had? Is there something you hoped for but didnt get amd although its not relevent anymore, you still have that slight hope that things "should have" been that way?

Dreams can tell you a lot about your subconscious. About your fears ans anxieties and about your 'dreams' Wink
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Post  Wed, Jan 11 2017, 10:30 am
That someone is raping me.

That my father is beating me up.

That my abusive family shows up at my house one day and just moves in and start abusing me again.

That I run back to my family and find myself stuck there.

That I get trafficked and become a s-x slave.
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Post  Wed, Jan 11 2017, 12:41 pm
I have the not being ready for shabbos and finding new rooms on my house dreams too!

Like mind bogglingly not ready for shabbos. Just realized it's Friday and have to light in five minutes!

Sometimes I find new rooms in old houses I used to live in, even though I've been in this house for over ten years.
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Post  Wed, Jan 11 2017, 12:47 pm
I dream very seldom altogether, or at least don't remember dreaming very often. Can't say I've ever had recurring dreams. I just tell people the same stories over and over because my memory ain't what she used to be and I can't recall if I already told the same person the same story.
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Post  Wed, Jan 11 2017, 12:50 pm
thats its the day of my wedding, and its time to go to the hall and I just remembered that its my wedding day and im not prepared. and I cry that I didnt daven.
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Post  Wed, Jan 11 2017, 12:55 pm
I rarely have recurrent dreams. I dream weird stories that make perfect sense while I'm dreaming and when I wake up I think "how did I not realize I was dreaming?" And then I forget the dream within seconds.

For example, my dream might go like this:

I'm at a party for my birthday so I get a cake but the cake turns out to be a gift box because it's actually my daughter's birthday and then we're all dressed up because we're actually at a wedding and the box is a peacock because we're actually at the zoo but the zoo is in the wedding hall except there's no roof and my husband asks why I'm holding a turtle but I'm actually holding a pot and I'm standing in a large wading pool.
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Post  Wed, Jan 11 2017, 1:01 pm
But in the past I had recurrent dreams. As a little girl I'd dream someone was breaking into the house or that I was falling down the stairs. As a teen I repeatedly dreamed that I suddenly woke up and I was at my wedding and I freaked out and demanded to see the video because I couldn't believe that I'd somehow gotten married without being aware of it. 😂
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Post  Wed, Jan 11 2017, 1:01 pm
I have a lot of the same dreams as you! I have #1, 2 and 7. With The Israel dream, I am never even sure why I am going to Israel and who I will stay with, but I know I am supposed to go but I always lose my passport etc.

My other reoccurring dream is so classic- I have a math test or Chumash bekiut test for a class I don't ever remember taking.

Sometimes I run in my dreams and it feels so good! My feet don't hurt and I'm just moving while breathing calmly. In real life if I run my feet burn and I have trouble breathing. if running was like how it was in my dreams I would be a marathon runner!
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Post  Wed, Jan 11 2017, 1:09 pm
When I was single I had a recurring dream about being at my wedding and not knowing who my chosson was. Haven't had that one in a long time Wink.

A not quite recurring dream, but theme, if a big event is coming up on Sunday I'll dream friday night/Shabbos that its happening and something is not going right and I can't fix it, or that I missed the event.
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Post  Wed, Jan 11 2017, 1:29 pm
I usually remember at least part of my dreams when I wake up. But every night has totally different dreams....
There are a lot with a recurring theme. Running away from people who want to kill me. Alone with only one person from my family because the rest were killed already.
I do remember when I was a girl a did have a few recurring dreams.
That the whole floor of my house had holes. And in the holes was dirty water with crocodiles. And we were just walking around the holes careful not to fall in. Sometimes we did fall in...
Another dream that someone killed my whole family. And one about a secret staircase in my great-aunt's home.
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Post  Wed, Jan 11 2017, 1:41 pm
I have two recurring dreams. The first one is that I’m driving a van and going all sorts of weird places. At one point I always manage to drive off a cliff or out a window and then I’m floating there, kind of like the van in Inception – how it takes so long to fall. But it’s not scary at all.

The second recurring dream is that I’m somewhere out on the street or in public and realize I’m not wearing anything from the waist up!!!
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Post  Wed, Jan 11 2017, 2:02 pm
I'm always going places. Driving. Traveling. Walking. Sometimes I might have people I know IRL with me but I'm on strange roads and highways, or unfamiliar public transportation. Strange houses or buildings I've never seen before. I have trouble finding my way because everything looks foreign. Then I realize it's all so unfamiliar because I'm dreaming. And even though I try so hard to open my eyes, I can't wake up and get out of the dream.

...Is somebody going to analyze all these dreams and post the interpretations (or relevant psychiatric disorders) at the bottom of each?
(Sometimes when we get up to the story of the dreams of the Sar ha'ofim and the sar hamashkim and then Paroh looking desperately for someone to tell them what it all meant, I think-- I know just how they felt!)
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Post  Wed, Jan 11 2017, 2:26 pm
I usually don't remember my dreams for to long but somehow im always back in school at night. its upsetting cause im long since past that and dreams should be what you think of often...
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Post  Wed, Jan 11 2017, 5:49 pm
That someone is raping me.
That dad is getting at me.
That my house somehow extended itself and had loads of bathrooms. (I only have 1)
That I bought the bully of my classes parents house. Massive big posh one...
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Post  Wed, Jan 11 2017, 6:19 pm
OP , I was reading your post and just started laughing because I have so many similar dreams!The one you have without shoes, I dream that I'm not fully dressed and trying to cover myself up.

I also dream of having relations with DH in public places,where people or family see us. So crazy!!!!

I dream a lot of traveling to interesting places, parks and cities that don't even exist , which change constantly during one dream and often the people in the dream are school friends, camp friends. In one dream I could be married and have kids but then I'm an elementary school kid.

And lately I've dreamed about discovering a whole new floor in my house with hidden passages that were fully furnished and I open the door and there is another couple living there!
And an older single girl shows up after I gave my son one of the rooms and she claims she's been living there for years and was on vacation and just got back etc.

I've also dreamed a few of being in a terrorist attack but I've never been hurt or injured , I always come out of it as a survivor and not harmed.
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