Teens/children not comunicating with parents

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Post  Fri, Jul 22 2005, 12:40 pm
thers' this teen gal (that comes from a large family but most of then are aaway,) that come to my house, used to babysit but her mother got upset whaen she spent too mch time with me. the gal used to confide in me and told me "she's very hurt and jealous and it's not fair her mother has a gal who irionically doesn't get on with her parents who almost all the time lives by us, she is older btw 20 and 25yrs and my mother spends time most of the time with her I'm rarely allowed to be in the picture even if it's a game I'm told they are playing I can't join." Her mother after realizing she was becoming close to me cut off contact so much so the gal leis to her paretnts so she can come to me. What do I do, she even said she hates her mother when I tried tactfully to approach the mother conc spending more time, the mother was livid!
I am a frum preson and love her daghuter I don't think I am a bad infleunce on her child what do I do, do I tel the child not to come anymoer and risk maybe losing her to oustide forses or what.... help , a neshame cryin out for love and umdersartanding.
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Post  Fri, Jul 22 2005, 12:45 pm
I think that u need a mashpia this is not an easy answer.
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Post  Sat, Jul 23 2005, 11:27 pm
I would not cut off contact with the girl. you might be the only stable and good thing in her life. It is normal for the mother to feel that way, but maybe later she will thank you for the attention you gave her daughter. But when you are with her, try to help her think of ways she can cope or get along at home.
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Post  Thu, Aug 04 2005, 10:15 pm
ok this might sound a little out of wack but can you talk to someone who has influence on her mother and who can 'show her the reality' or maybe make it very clear that she is loosing her daughter and if she loves her daughter and wants her back than she has to shwo that. another thing if the child constatnly is being kicked out of the house I m afraid that I had a friend who was kicked out and she fried out but recently came back b'h because she is strong but she is 1 if this mother doesn't want to take risks I suggest that she first needs to help her daughter and not soem 25 year old also where is the father???
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