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Post  Sun, Feb 10 2019, 8:45 pm
1) sengifted.org

2) I'm kind of shocked by the pushback here. Your daughter certainly sounds gifted by your description of her abilities. And no, you cannot just force a gifted child to get with the program and be like everyone else, although on occasion they might want to. However, a gifted child whose talents and way of thinking is understood and appreciated, usually ends up being a valued contributor to their group who gains self esteem from their own talents.

3) Based on experience, I will say that testing is a good idea, not sure why it is costing so much today. And I think you are right on target in thinking of approaching the school armed with real information and suggestions for how to help your child have success. Many people offering advice have no real experience or knowledge of gifted children, just knee jerk reactions to the idea of a child standing out because of innate talent. If you follow the link above you will find a treasure trove of information. However, if the school is determined to have only cookie cutter kids, you may have to switch.

Hatzlocha to you. The silver lining is that these children are very deep, delightful and insightful, and often able to overcome the social issues if appropriate expectations are explained to them in a way they can relate to.
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Post  Sun, Feb 10 2019, 8:51 pm
One other comment, different gifted children respond differently to knowing they are gifted. Some deny it outright, for others it is helpful as they see their differences in a positive way, especially when they are of an age to be able to read material about giftedness on their own.
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Post  Mon, Feb 11 2019, 12:39 am
DS is gifted( was evaluated and tested), as a mother I would say encourage your child's talents, an evaluation is useful so that the teachers will understand your gifted child better, give them homework that is more advanced, and so on. DS also questioned a lot and it's good to let them know there is a time for everything and that sometimes class is boring because the teachers are there to teach everyone and at different levels. If your daughter is mature enough, explain that to her so she won't feel frustrated when she already understood the lesson but has to wait for everyone else.
Encourage her, and her talents, having a gifted child is wonderful, with its challenges and everything!
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