I spent 30 dollars on a meh souvenir

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Post  Thu, May 09 2019, 11:18 am
There was nothing interesting in that aiport store (london). I could have maybe bought swarosky jewelry. The other choice was perfumes which she rarely uses. So I found a Harods mint green 2020 calendar booklet with nice gold dots and the same color hard cover note book - no dots just mint and name Harods. She will enjoy it. I know her. My friends could not believe that she might not know what harods is.... It turned out indeed she does not know what harods is. I told her my friends thought the green bag with the print "Harods" on it is what she will use more than the notebooks. She thinks she might not enjoy walking with the brand name bag. Its a dark green thin bag. At least I didnt pay for that baggie. Her class has very few girls that are into brand names. Its interesting to see how diferent people have diferent taste. I happen to enjoy brand names shopping bags but I buy mostly no brands stuff. Fyi she is in 11th grade of a simple school.

Moral: Next time you travel to the wilderness like to a kvorim trip buy your souveniers before. LOL It will be cheaper and you will have a selection.
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