How to sell my songs?

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Post  Tue, May 28 2019, 5:14 pm
I’ve written a few Jewish songs that I think may be worth something, all English lyrics.

How would I go about submitting them in the hope that I could sell them to a Jewish singer/producer?
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Post  Wed, May 29 2019, 10:29 am
Hi, "NoName".
I've got a problem quite different from marketing: I can, at this point, neither read nor write sheet music. I have composed about 18 new tunes to old words, about 13 new lyrics to old tunes, at least 12 original music & lyrics tunes, and at least 11 secular tunes, most of this latter group with no lyrics. I have also translated at least 80 songs to or from English, Hebrew, French, Yiddish, and even one amateurish attempt in Spanish (Plaisir d'Amour). But all these tunes except the latter-mentioned singable translations are all just in my head, taught to very few acquaintances so far. Locked inside my skull. You can just imagine how frustrated that has made me -- for the past few decades!
However, all the above is beside the point of this reply. In direct response to your post, my first questions would be:
Are you musically trained to the point of having been able to write the sheet music for your songs? If so, I would love to get hold of the contact info for someone who would be able to do that for my songs, without charging an arm and a leg. Obviously, in view of the kol isha prohibition, it would have to be either a woman or a non-Jew.
Secondly, how many songs have you composed?
Third, as a professional proofreader, and having written several lyrics myself, I may be able to offer some amendments to your texts. Would you be interested?
Fourth, have you considered, as I have, the next best thing to either being or finding a transcriptionist: Starting your own women's choir whose members would then serve as your free and instant publicity and musical outlet through a public "Girls' Night" performance?
Fifth, have you considered self-publishing? Once you have the sheet music transcribed, you can save it as a sound/PDF/Word file and print out as many copies as you think you'd like to sell. Better yet, take one original set to a printer for Cerlox binding with sturdy cardboard front and back covers (in colour (yes, with a "u": I'm Canadian), please: be imaginative!). Set a fair price (a substantial portion of which it would be nice to dedicate to your favourite tzedakah; shop it around to music or Judaica stores by the cardboard carton-full; and voila! You're in business. And a professionally published composer!
And lastly, not essential to this post but just out of idle curiosity: In general, do you find yourself composing the words or the tunes first? With me, I think it's been about 50/50.
Regards and hatzlacha from Toronto,
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Post  Sun, Jun 02 2019, 1:52 pm
Wow! Thank you Choirmistress for that detailed reply!
I'm not actually sure why I went amother Laugh

That really does sound frustrating. Neither can I write sheet music, but I have music recording software that creates sheet music as I play. I'm afraid I don't do it as a living though.
I've composed around 15 songs, but some of them are about too singular an experience to be meaningful to others.
Thank you for your offer! But at this point, I'm not looking to add costs when I'm unsure this composing thing will ever generate money for me.

Great ideas!
I have toyed with the idea of starting a choir. What deterred me was the realization that I myself would never attend a concert of an amateur women's choir - and that's coming from someone who loves music. I just don't think that people would take time from their crazy busy schedule to come watch us..
In terms of printing and selling my sheet music, who would be interested in playing religious pop music that is unheard of?

I really appreciate all your ideas and the time you took to write them to me!
I was kinda hoping for a quick way to make money through my music that wouldn't entail more effort on my part TMI

I find that usually the hook comes to me with both words and melody at the same time. But the rest of the song - the music usually comes to me first (with a general theme in mind generated by the emotion I was feeling at the time).

Hatzlacha in getting your songs written! You may want to look into asking a Rav if you can hire a male to do it for you. Maybe it is like a doctor or other professional that is allowed to see covered areas because his mind is on his work..
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