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Post  Wed, Sep 25 2019, 8:47 pm
I have been keeping a gratitude journal for many years but I notice that many of the things I am grateful for are more like "victories" or things that I am proud that I overcame. Can I be grateful for something that was hard for me that I overcame or should my gratitude focus more on things in my life.

I know this sounds a bit unimportant but I am curious if anyone else has this question.
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Post  Wed, Sep 25 2019, 8:50 pm
Gratitude for the strength, motivation, intellect, etc., to reach those achievements is huge! Keep it going!
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Post  Wed, Sep 25 2019, 8:50 pm
Can you tell me about your gratitute journal? What do you write and how often? I decided to do something like this and said I would list 5 things I'm thankful for each and every day with no repeats. After a few weeks the things I would have to come up with on my list felt so trite that I just had to stop.
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Post  Wed, Sep 25 2019, 8:51 pm
For anything and everything.
I’m grateful to Hashem for giving me the ability to accomplish xy and z.
I’m grateful I had energy to get out of bed today
I’m grateful my son missed the bus because we got an extra 15 minutes of bonding time
I’m grateful my son made the bus on time so that I could have an extra 15 minutes , to daven with kavana
I even thank Hashem for things that didn’t happen yet. For example I advertised a service . I thanked Hashem for opening the eyes of people and for having them notice my ad.

And so on and so forth....it’s endless.
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