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Post  Sat, Nov 09 2019, 9:52 pm
Dd 7 is taking antibiotics for strep. Dh put her to bed last night and I told him to remember to give dd her medication. Tonight I put her to bed she felt warm so I gave her motrin and the antibiotics. Right after I gave it to her I found out that only 6 hours earlier she was give 2 doses antibiotics because he forgot to give it to her last night and this morning. I made her drink 5 glasses of water and food-safe only ate a tiny bit should I call the dr? Dh thinks I'm freaking out for nothing
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Post  Sat, Nov 09 2019, 10:06 pm
Call. Better safe than sorry. Good news would be "it's fine don't worry about it" and if not then the dr will tell you what needs to be done. I'd call right away to put my mind at ease.
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Post  Sat, Nov 09 2019, 10:13 pm
There is NOTHING for you to be worried about. Nothing will happen. She got extra antibiotics. Might cause some stomach upset/diarrhea but nothing else.

However, please educate your DH: if you miss a dose of antibiotics, you DO NOT double the next dose. This is not like birth control. You give the same regular dose.
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Post  Sat, Nov 09 2019, 10:28 pm
Thank you for calming me down. I'm afraid of her waking up in middle the night with a huge stomach ache. I already told dh from now on must get her dose at the proper time. In the future if she isn't given the dose right away in the morning should it be given 6 hours later? or is it better to give it the full 12 hours that night on schedule
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Post  Sat, Nov 09 2019, 10:41 pm
Give the medication as soon as you remember don't wait to get onto schedule just change it a bit.
Regarding the double dose , it's not ideal but nothing happenes. When my kids get medication certain pediatrician will give once a day larger dose and others two times a day. Smile
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Post  Sat, Nov 09 2019, 10:43 pm
It sounds to me that she is taking antibiotics twice a day, correct?

If she is late for a dose, you should give her the antibiotics as soon as you remember and then go back to the original schedule. If it is really close to the next dose (2-3 hrs) I would consider it skipped. So she will finish her entire prescription one dose later than she would have.

I am not a doctor. 🙂
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Post  Sat, Nov 09 2019, 10:44 pm
Nothing will happen. She didn't overdose and she won't die ch"v if that's what you're worried about. If I remember between doses I give right away and then continue normally. If it's time for the next dose I just give that dose and continue from there.

She may wet her bed after 5 cups of water though! 😉
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Post  Sat, Nov 09 2019, 11:07 pm
Give her probiotics when you wake her up to use the bathroom. She's fine.
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Post  Sun, Nov 10 2019, 5:05 am
Call poison control. or her dr.
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