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Ema of 4


Post  Fri, Apr 03 2020, 10:36 am
keym wrote:
Label everything milchig, fleishig, Parve. I use tape.

Don't forget the sponges, dishracks, drainers, etc.

I agree with little Neshame'le. Lots of easy to eat food, hard boiled eggs, apples, oranges, cheese. Hungry kids are impossible.

So important!! I have one pot that I don’t remember what it is, and I sent a picture of it to my mom to see if she knows, and she didn’t remember either. I’m going to ask my father what to do.

Update: he said just kasher it

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Post  Fri, Apr 03 2020, 10:44 am
Take advantage of all kitniyot product before Pesach
Brown rice pasta
Rice cake
Pre-checked rice
I have 1 med size pot (enough to make 1 pk of pasta )
Also for those that don’t buy products on Pesach you can definitely use them before Pesach

This way you can turn over your kitchen earlier
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Post  Fri, Apr 03 2020, 11:12 am
I’m surprised nobody mentioned this. Keep your recipes and menus accessible somewhere other than packed into your Pesach stuff. You need to make your shopping lists and orders well before you pull out boxes and start unpacking. I keep all of my Pesach recipes in a google drive folder. Even the ones from cookbooks - I just snap a photo of it. In that folder I also keep my shopping lists and notes.
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