Wedding ideas during covid

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Post  Fri, Jul 31 2020, 5:02 am
What have you done to make your wedding safer during covid (other than having people wear masks)? Did you have any form of schmorgasboard? if so, how was it set up? maybe just some food on each table instead? maybe someone walking around with food? Also, for the meal, how were the tables set up and arranged? I would appreciate any ideas to help people be safe and feel more comfortable! Thanks!!
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Post  Fri, Jul 31 2020, 5:09 am
Hand sanitiser everywhere! (I watched a Covid-wedding livestream where people sanitised straight after dancing).

Do NOT have a shmorg! Food on each table - the last thing you want is cross-contact between multiple people Surprised
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Post  Fri, Jul 31 2020, 5:26 am
We went to 2 weddings in Israel in June. Hand sanitizer everywhere and everyone wearing masks.
There was a shmorg but each station had masked waiters serving the food.
Both weddings were completely outdoors.
Wedding #1 had the maximum people allowed by law and DH and I felt very uncomfortable and we left early. The friends of the chattan and kallah were dancing as if nothing was going on - holding hands and masks off. I felt like I could feel the Corona swarming about.

Wedding #2 had about 100 people, very spread out outdoors, just a few minutes of dancing. The wedding planner brought broomsticks and a long jump rope that people could hold onto and make a circle with instead of holding hands.
Anon because I told this to a lot of people IRL.

ETA: There was a livestream for the family and friends who could not attend. I think that is de riguer these days Smile
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Post  Fri, Jul 31 2020, 5:51 am
Limited number, SD, masks, outside (if inclement weather indoor with doors and windows open well ventilated, musicians behind lucite screen, prepackaged food per person. Dancing with scarves instead of holding hands. live-streamed for those who could not attend in person.
A most beautiful chasunah.
Everyone who was there really wanted to really be there.
Palpable joy and kedusha B"H.
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Post  Fri, Jul 31 2020, 7:32 am
In Lakewood during the height of covid outbreak some caterers were only doing sealed food trays. And individual drinks. So mini bottles of drinks no open bottles or bar. At a kiddush the danishes were sealed and kugel in individual closed containers.
Now we know the virus doesn’t really travel through food or objects so I’m not sure how necessary that is.

For sure outdoors.
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Post  Fri, Jul 31 2020, 8:07 am
Are you asking during covid as in the past or coming up?
As you know it all depends on what city-town the wedding will be in.
According to imas on this site weddings in Brooklyn monsey and Lakewood are back to normal.
I myself recently went to a few weddings in Brooklyn and Lakewood and meal was smaller but dancing after was normal. One place had a plexiglass between the crowd and the food and waiter standing behind. The other place had The main door locked and you come in Thru The kitchen. Very few masks.
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Post  Fri, Jul 31 2020, 8:18 am
No shmorg
Individually packaged meals
Individual closed drinks
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Post  Fri, Jul 31 2020, 10:36 am
I would hope to see
No buffets
Lots of sanitizer
Rope for dancing
I saw in earlier chasunas a designated enforcer and facilitator. Now I'd like to see masks.
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