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Post Sun, Dec 06 2020, 11:13 am
Rappel wrote:
Doesn't everyone love a clean house?

Yes I think so. I was curious because there was another thread about how Hungarians make the best housekeepers.
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Post Sun, Dec 06 2020, 11:14 am
giselle wrote:
50% Hungarian, but 0% enjoys housekeeping.

Yes, this. I'm such a mess. I like cooking though.
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Proudly Right


Post Sun, Dec 06 2020, 1:16 pm
As Hungarian as Polechinta over here! 😜

Coming from a home where plastic tableclothes or disposable dishes is shunned. Or bringing more then 2 dips to the Shabbos meal is considered “tziganish” (Romanian Gypsy mentality)

I love to cook and love to clean my house. I keep it extremely organized and tastefully decorated. I would any day spend money on expensive linen, dishes, tablecloths then clothing.

However I personally l loathe traditional Hungarian cuisine
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Post Sun, Dec 06 2020, 4:52 pm
I am Hungarian through marriage! Does that count?
I love cooking and organizing. Vacuuming and mopping are satisfying, but they need some mental prep.
Doing dishes and folding laundry can kiss my tush. Bleh.
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Post Sun, Dec 06 2020, 5:32 pm
Lol my husband was born in Hungary.

He likes spicy stuff.

He’s 1000% okay with bland jewish food lol.

Me on the other hand think it’s too bland and I kick it up but lately I’ve been staying away from fish and meat. Idk why.

He likes a clean house tho and I do my best in that department.

He gets really upset when I work too hard. By too hard I mean


Doing 5 loads of laundry in one day (whites, darks, colors, delicate stuff, baby clothes and sometimes towels) and folding it and putting it away.


Washing and drying dishes

Changing bedsheets if needed (or if I’m in the mood to change the look)

Add all that to taking care of my boy.


Idk. When he says I should do the laundry today I do every single load. And when he comes homes he’s upset I did all of it in one day and says I don’t HAVE to overwork myself.


it gets confusing, sometimes.
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