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Post Wed, Jun 09 2021, 9:30 am
Im looking for healthy and easy variations on "Nice Cream", w ingredients that I have at home (like no coconut oil), and not too many steps, but a little more interesting than just frozen bananas, cocoa, and peanut butter.

Also, does the below recipe with no peanut butter, taste more like ices or chocolate sorbet, than ice cream, because theres no fatty ingredient like peanut butter in it?

3-Ingredient Chocolate Nice Cream

Prep Time5 minutes
Chilling Time1 hour
Total Time1 hour 5 minutes
AuthorSherri Hall

4 bananas, previously cut into coins and frozen
¼ cup plain, unsweetened plant-based milk
¼ cup cacao powder (substitute cocoa powder if preferred)

Add frozen bananas and plant-based milk to the bowl of the food processor. Secure the lid. Holding tightly onto the lid of the food processor, pulse a few times to start breaking up the bananas.
Once the bananas are broken up into small chunks, add cacao powder to the food processor and pulse a few more times to incorporate it. Then, process on high until the nice cream is smooth and no banana chunks remain.
Transfer the mixture to a loaf pan or rectangular glass container for easy scooping and freeze for 1-2 hours.

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Post Wed, Jun 09 2021, 11:20 am
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Post Wed, Jun 09 2021, 12:27 pm
I make plain banana nice cream using just frozen bananas, nothing more. It's yum, but I serve it immediately. I suspect that if made in bulk and frozen, it would solidify into a glacier and be impossible to scoop.
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