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Post Mon, Jul 26 2021, 12:19 pm
amother [ Cyclamen ] wrote:
From America’s Frontline Doctors:
…. 95% efficacy sounds wonderful, but it is completely misleading. Not only are the trials questionable in themselves (see article), but even based on the trial data they present, the true risk reduction to any individual, called “absolute risk reduction,” (ARR) is the only number that
matters, and that is less than 2% for any of the shots. The number that the manufacturer has been presenting to the public is the “relative risk reduction”, or RRR, which isn’t meaningful.

This is the article from The Lancet (a prominent medical journal) where the above is detailed:

The Lancet Comment referenced does not mean what you seem to think it does. It's not an argument against vaccines or saying that they don't work/help. It's sharing an opinion regarding how the process could be improved--that's how science works. It's a constant interactive process & there is always room for things to be better. Further, it is important to note that Comments in the Lancet are opinion pieces that are not peer reviewed. There are likely countervailing opinions--also part of science. People who are knowledgeable and experienced often have different takes on a situation--that pushes innovation and creativity. If anything, the commentary regarding the Israeli study in the Comment would seem to support vaccinating as many people as possible as quickly as possible to maximize real world efficacy.

This opinion piece was published in April 2021--we now have more real world data & that data is still showing that the covid vaccines are effective at preventing severe disease. The severe cases in hospital wards are overwhelmingly unvaccinated patients, may they all have a refuah shleimah.
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Post Mon, Jul 26 2021, 12:30 pm
I have several family members who died of covid while on the hcq protocol. Yes right amounts right timing etc.
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Post Mon, Jul 26 2021, 12:37 pm
amother [ Peachpuff ] wrote:
Yes it is forcing me when I can't work if I don't get the vaccine. Pretty much giving me no choice to get it, unless I depend on the government for welfare checks.

I don't know what kind of work you do but the public expects a certain amount of protection. I don't want my eye doctor to come face to face with me if she has coronavirus. Yes, I may be immune, at least I hope that I am immune, but if I have the choice, I will take the vaccinated eye doctor.
DeBlassio isn't firing unvaccinated city workers but they face weekly testing.
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