Do you feel you've got it harder now then your parents had
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Post Fri, Jul 23 2021, 3:09 pm
They were already talking many decades ago about this difference in 'kids today.' There is an interesting thesis about this at the beginning of a wonderful book from the 60's, Children: The Challenge by Rudolf Dreikurs. The book has elements of popular parenting methods today: respectful, Montessori, etc.
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Post Sat, Jul 24 2021, 10:34 pm
So easy to idealize the past. Children were respectful, peons knew their place, yaddayaddayadda. IDK about you but I was as chutzpadik as a kid could be fifty five years ago. Gave my parents mucho grief. I recall thinking at one time that my bro was on drugs because he was out of the house a lot and when he was home all he did was sleep. We both grew up to be productive and law abiding members of society, and without therapy or labels.

There was teen pregnancy, there were drugs, smoking and alcohol. There was mental illness. There was abuse and molestation, p*rn and homosexuality. People just didn’t talk about it openly, and if they did talk about it, it was in shocked whispers and euphemisms behind a concealing hand.

IDK why every generation thinks it invented these things. Most of them are mentioned or alluded to in the Bible.
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