Dear OP of Furious with daughter

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Post Mon, Sep 13 2021, 6:47 pm
Dear Op of that thread.

It seems to me this was an honest-to-goodness accident that could have happened under anyone's watch. Your dd happens to have been the one on call but it could've been anyone.

She probably didn't realize the gate was improperly closed. If she had realized, she'd have certainly taken steps to keep toddler safe.

I imagine she was in a state of shell shock when he fell/tumbled.

I'm sorry your parenting and choices are being judged and put under the microscope. I sincerely believe this was a mistake your dd is quite pained and distressed about.

Your fury is understandable, in instances like this fury is a natural reaction.

Though I think your dd truly isn't at fault. Neither are you. Fault lies with the person who improperly closed the gate. At least that's the theory I'd go with if you presented this case to me as an attorney.

I hope you find healing through all of this. You are not bad. Your dd is not bad. A mistake happened. Go hug your daughter. She's a great kid after all is said and done. And you're a great mother. Heart
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Post Mon, Sep 13 2021, 8:26 pm
agree. I don't even think the one who left the gate is open is at fault. things happen. BH the kid is okay! also understand why OP is shaken up/ upset.
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