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Post Tue, Oct 26 2021, 11:43 pm
Hi! Would anyone know any information about BYA and Meohr? My Daughters school has not had girls go for the past 2 years to either of these seminaries and she's been told they have changed but has no one to ask... She wants to Know the following:
Teachers: Are they warm? Into student/teacher relationships? Openminded and accepting?
Classes: What's the academic level? What type of classes do they offer( text based not text based) Do they offer Help if the girl needs?
Girls: Mostly in town or OOT? What is there overall personality? - or is it very diverse? What are girls like Hashkafah wise?
Free time: Do the the girls have a lot of free time? Do they have a lot of trips? What's the chesed program like? How good are the dorms? Do they share dorms with shana bet girls?
Shabbos and Yom tov: Can they stay in dorm for shabbos? Do they have in shabboses?
Thank you!
( please Olny answer if you have reliable Information)
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