Do you use an air fryer? Is it healthy?

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Post Thu, Nov 25 2021, 8:46 pm
I use my convention oven. I heard it’s the same. Is it?
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Post Thu, Nov 25 2021, 9:36 pm
It's basically the same. Especially if you cook on a rack elevated over a pan. Air fryers are convenient if you're only cooking for one or two people when heating up the oven can be annoying. For most frum families or anyone cooking for more than 4-5 people they're not really worth it.
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Post Fri, Nov 26 2021, 10:28 am
I had been tempted when I started reading all of the stuff about air fryers which made them seem like the new miracle appliance.

When I looked into them, I realized I really didn't need one and actually would actively dislike using them. As posted, they are just a convection oven and I have a good convection oven. My toaster oven is a convection oven if I wanted to do small stuff and it seems to crisp stuff up fine if I use it properly.

The other factor for me was that almost all of the reviews discussed difficulty in cleaning it. I just didn't want to add an appliance that I probably would not clean well. My toaster oven is fairly disreputable.

Also storage may or may not be an issue. I have a relatively small kitchen and so I only have small appliances that are really functional. For example, I don't have a blender but I do have a stick immersion "blender" because it stores in a drawer and actually performs better than my old traditional blender.
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