Torah Live's NEW Website Gives Kids Hours Of Entertainment

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Post Tue, Apr 12 2022, 11:16 am

Are your children more interested in learning Torah and refining their character traits, or spending countless hours playing with their devices? One of the greatest challenges for both parents and educators is presenting Torah in a medium that authentically engages today’s children. Enter Torah Live 2.0. Three years in development and with the input of world-renowned experts in motivational psychology and education, Torah Live has just launched a gamified learning experience that is nothing short of an adventure in Jewish education.

“Hundreds of hours of research, rabbinic consultations, sophisticated animation and special effect filming go into each presentation,” explained Rabbi Dan Roth, the founder of Torah Live. “And then we package this material in our state-of-the-art online learning platform. Nothing else exists like this in the world of Jewish education.”


Optimally designed for children ages 9-12, the Torah Live gamespace presents the user with 38 learning units (and growing) composed of films, quizzes, challenges, and other surprises. There are a robust variety of incentives as the user progresses through the platform, including levels, points, badges, a dinar bank, a leaderboard, and real-world impacts.

Rabbi Yaacov Deyo, COO of Torah Live, commented that “the real world impacts are revolutionary in chinuch. Our goal is not only to educate children, but to inspire them to put their learning to use in the real world. So for example, after they learn about the mitzvah of Shabbos, they can engage one of our organizational partners to deliver shabbos food in real life to a family in need.”

Torah Live is not a newcomer to Jewish education; it has been providing high quality supplemental educational content to Jewish day schools since 2009. There are more than 2,000-day schools around the world who use the materials and the user base consists of more than 31,000 registered users. During COVID they experienced a major transformation when thousands of parents who were in need of Torah content for their children during the shutdowns registered for the platform. Torah Live ceased to be a largely supplemental education platform and became a primary means by which children learn Torah at home.

When David Levi of Coral Springs, Florida experienced the new platform, his reaction was, “You have accomplished something that has never been done before! Creating captivating and engaging content that is 100% Torah and is in serious competition to what the secular world has to offer.”

This new platform is a game-changer for Jewish education.

Register for your free trial at http://www.Torahlive.com (no credit card required).

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