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Post Tue, Jun 21 2022, 2:51 am
Dd is 6. She just had 4 baby teeth removed- the ones right before the 6 year molars on both bottom sides (2 on each side). Now they put in a space maintainer- it's a metal bar with corners at the other baby teeth and rings around the 2 molars. Now dd said she can't eat because her teeth don't meet anymore because the bar makes them too high. Before the bar was in, she was eating fine even with the gums where the teeth were.

Has anyone else had this? I asked her if she thinks it's in wrong or she needs to get used to it. She thinks she'll get used to it. But I'm not sure since it's not making it uncomfortable- she claims it's making it impossible. Does anyone have something else to maintain space? Is it worth asking the dentist about another option? How can I help dd learn to eat? She'll probably have this at least 3 years I think, no?

I don't have another appointment for 5 weeks and don't want to go for nothing- is this something the dentist will be able to help with? Thanks for any help! I feel so bad for dd Crying
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