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Manhattan - Yeshiva Ketana/ Bnos Aliya

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Post Sun, Jan 28 2024, 7:05 pm
Info on either of these schools, please
Academic quality?
Parent/student body?
And… tuition??? Sad
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Post Sun, Feb 04 2024, 8:23 pm
Bump. Anyone, please???
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uws mom


Post Tue, Feb 13 2024, 8:07 pm
As a very happy Bnos Aliya parent I can share:

Bnos Aliya is a very academically enriching program for both Kodesh and General Studies. Students enjoy learning and progress very quickly in their academic abilities because of Bnos Aliya’s personalized approach to teaching.

The atmosphere is wholesome and offers extras that most Bais Yaakov schools cannot: sports, art, knitting, monthly field trips.

The families are very cool, professional, respectable, balanced, welcoming people, who care deeply about raising girls with strong hashkafos, middos tovos and a breadth of knowledge.

Tuition is around $28k.

I highly encourage you visit Bnos Aliya to see the incredible program in action.

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Post Tue, Feb 13 2024, 9:39 pm
Boys at yeshiva Ketana
Very happy
Warm and small
Great rebbeim
Decent English studies
Officially yeshivish
In practice parent body is very mixed (a plus for me maybe not for everyone…)
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Post Tue, Feb 13 2024, 10:07 pm
Yeshiva Ktana also has a pre-school for both boys and girls, and have opened a Bais Yackov. This is the first year, next year they will have first and second grades. YKOM is very warm and the kids are genuinely happy.
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