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How much effort did you put in/did you do a MM theme?
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Did your Mishloach Manos have a theme, and how much effort did it take?
Theme, high effort  
 5%  [ 8 ]
Theme, medium effort  
 23%  [ 31 ]
Theme, bare minimum/low effort  
 19%  [ 26 ]
No theme, high effort  
 4%  [ 6 ]
No theme, medium effort  
 28%  [ 38 ]
No theme, bare minimum/low effort  
 17%  [ 24 ]
 0%  [ 1 ]
Total Votes : 134



Post Mon, Mar 25 2024, 1:43 pm
How much do themes correlate with effort? I'm curious because I've put in time baking and shopping for non-themed Mishloach Manos, and I've put together very low effort themed ones sometimes. Though of course, some people just buy two things and put them in a bag (which is perfectly fine, of course) and some people have themes that involve intricate crafts and come with a poem they really worked hard on.
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Post Mon, Mar 25 2024, 2:07 pm
I voted high effort, but that's because I sewed/constructed my children's costumes. Had we gone with store bought, it would have meant medium-low effort.
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Post Mon, Mar 25 2024, 2:09 pm
I voted theme, medium effort. The mm were really easy to put together but the food items, packaging and labels were from 6 different stores
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Post Mon, Mar 25 2024, 2:11 pm
I didn't put much effort. I honestly don't see a reason to put a ton of effort into Mishloach Manos because once people eat it and then they throw it out and forget about it.
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Post Mon, Mar 25 2024, 2:20 pm
In past years I did themed mm matching our costumes. It cost a lot of time and money. So this year I did easy foods for quick mm prep
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Post Mon, Mar 25 2024, 2:23 pm
Never a theme. Never even heard of such an idea before a few years ago.
Not a lot of effort either. I work full time and dont have the brain power for more than putting two or a few more things into a container.
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Post Mon, Mar 25 2024, 2:26 pm
I voted no theme
Minimal effort
Not my priority at all

Seudah/costumes/etc get my focus
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Post Mon, Mar 25 2024, 2:34 pm
I baked 120+ hamantaschen, which I consider to be medium effort.

No true theme, but since I had blue bags I picked out blue Oodles and blue-wrapped mini chocolate bars. But that was no more effort than if I’d chosen the different flavor that was right next to it on the shelf.

And none of my kids’ costumes were coordinated with each other, it’s just what made them individually happy. But we are the kind of nerds who take dressing up seriously, something polyester and straight out of a package won’t do 😆

Hosted 4 families + ours for the seuda, went potluck and it was fun and casual. Emphasis on just being low maintenance and chill, no showing off, just good food and good friends and kids running around hopped up on sugar.
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Post Mon, Mar 25 2024, 6:31 pm
Some people may consider what I do/did to be high effort, but it didn't seem that way to me. When you enjoy what you do, it doesn't seem hard. So I'm voting medium effort.
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Post Mon, Mar 25 2024, 6:56 pm
I votedtheme medium effort and that was only because the bags I bought ended up needing some “putting together” which took some time.

Otherwise all the “hardware” was from shein (one order) and all the food was from my supermarket (one stop shop) so really not that difficult.
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Post Mon, Mar 25 2024, 7:03 pm
Zero effort for me. My teen girls have taken over. We all agreed on a theme. They ordered some stuff on Amazon. We picked up a couple things at the grocery store. They assembled it all.
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Post Mon, Mar 25 2024, 7:06 pm
amother Celeste wrote:
Zero effort for me. My teen girls have taken over. We all agreed on a theme. They ordered some stuff on Amazon. We picked up a couple things at the grocery store. They assembled it all.

Wow! Sounds amazing Smile I need some teenage girls lol
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Post Mon, Mar 25 2024, 7:07 pm
Had a theme. Ordered everything on Thursday night from Amazon. So there. Theme does not equal effort.

I actually find that there is less effort needed for themes.
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Post Mon, Mar 25 2024, 7:10 pm
I'm honestly loving the polls!

So glad that regardless of theme or no theme, people don't spend alllll their energy into this one day. Ashreichem! You did your best to be mikayem a mitzvah.
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Post Mon, Mar 25 2024, 7:12 pm
I voted theme low effort. Not because I didn't bother just because it wasn't much work.
Every year I bake something that connects to the theme of the year example: one year we were baristas so I baked coffee cakes, one year we were farmers so I made cheesecakes etc. Then I add a drink that goes with that add a label wit a cute line and call it a day.
I use the same containers every year and baking is easy and fun for me.
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Post Mon, Mar 25 2024, 7:15 pm
I think medium. We picked a theme a month ago so I had time to shop around for stuff that fit it and our budget. No poem, just a simple tag with happy Purim. The theme didn't require any explanation. Everybody picked their own costume unrelated to MM. The container held everything and didn't need any wrapping, so assembly was just putting stuff in and sticking a tag on. So I guess the most effort went into shopping since I did buy things from a few different stores + online. But I do like shopping so that part was fun.
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Post Mon, Mar 25 2024, 8:11 pm
I need a tier for theme, low effort. Because I think it was above bare minimum, but not quite up to medium. You decide:

My theme required:
2 costume gemachs (might have needed that without theme too). So I guess maybe slightly more effort than no theme.
A little less food for mm than I would have been comfortable giving without a theme, but one of the foods was specific and needed an extra shopping trip. So net equal I guess?
A card/label made in canva. On one hand the theme made it easy to decide on a design, on the other hand it would have needed less design if it didn't need to go with our theme. So a little more effort there.

All in all I think it was a bit more effort than no theme but not a lot more effort, and a bit less expense but not a lot less expense. I think.
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Post Mon, Mar 25 2024, 8:15 pm
I voted theme, high effort because that's technically accurate. However we would have put the same level of effort into a non themed m"m so it's not necessarily a reflection on themes being a lot of effort.

Teenage DD makes her own costumes, but she needs my time and help acquiring the basic components. My other kids all needed a certain amount of effort to find costumes that they wanted. One DD was going to wear a specific Shabbos dress from last season and add accessories to fit the theme, but it turned out she outgrew the dress so I had to take her shopping. At least now she's better equipped for Pesach!

I ran around to different stores to get ingredients and supplies for everyone's m"m (the kids give their own to their friends, separate from the family m"m), including multiple trips to Amazing Savings for various items. There was also a particular ingredient we wanted to use in the family m"m that could be pricey in bulk, so I did some comparison shopping in the local stores and lucked out with a fantastic sale at a store I don't usually shop at.

Most of the effort came from leaving the baking to the last minute instead of baking ahead and freezing, so we were up late on m"s after megillah getting everything made and packaged and labeled. But if we would have done a non themed m"m we would have baked for that too, so it wouldn't have made a difference.
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Post Mon, Mar 25 2024, 8:17 pm
I specifically do a theme because where I live everyone does baked goods and I’m not a good baker. I’m also not good at putting things together and making it look classy. So if I have a theme I have an “excuse” to do nosh and a container that fits the theme. I do put a lot of effort into the label and poem because I enjoy photoshop and writing. Costumes I buy or cricket a design I make, which is low effort for me.
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Post Mon, Mar 25 2024, 8:29 pm
No theme- easy- medium effort.

I ordered all the food online and had it delivered, googled each item and saw that it would look nice together coloring wise.

I then looked online for pretty bags that came with ribbons, matching tissue paper, and labels. I felt lucky to find a good bag easily this year. And put them all together as I needed them.

Nothing needing to be refrigerated.

They looked beautiful & classy added up to great price bh!
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