How do I bring back my value?

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Post  Wed, Jan 11 2017, 11:00 am
I was always a very reliable employee. I work in an industry where things constantly change and I've always had a very good head for keeping track of the changes and what applies to which client. I've been capable, responsible, and accomplished a lot.

I came back from maternity leave a few months ago and I just feel like I'm not bringing the same value to the company and that concerns me.
1 - lack of sleep = lack of focus, tasks take me longer, I remember less, and am less able to juggle all the moving pieces.
2 - I'm pumping at work - I know, they are required to allow me to, so its not like they are doing me a favor, but, it does mean that I'm taking extra time off
3 - I get so hungry, so I feel like I'm always preparing food or eating at my desk which does bring down my productivity. but, I really am hungry. I can't just not eat.

I don't know what else, I just overall feel like I'm not as valuable to my company and I need to somehow bring that back. My daycare arrangement does not allow me to stay later and my company does not want me coming back in the evening to finish things up.

Any suggestions? Or do I just need to adjust my view of what to expect as a working mommy?
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Post  Wed, Jan 11 2017, 12:08 pm
You only now just came back so give yourself time to get into the swing of it. I felt the same way at first.

Can you adopt an organizational scheme to help you keep track of things? Keep food at your desk so you can munch without too much distraction. When I'm nursing and pregnant I keep a bowl of fruit on my desk for that purpose.

And keep in mind that even if you're only 80% at work for a little while, you are so much more valuable than a new trainee! You will get back on your game soon.

If you have a private office, get a bra that holds the pumping thingies for you. I loved mine as it enabled me to type and have my hands free while pumping.
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