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Post  Thu, Sep 07 2017, 8:58 pm
My almost 4 year old dd has been trained for over a year. She was having a couple of accidents here and there but normal stuff for a 3 year old. Lately she's been having nonstop accidents. Sometimes as often as 15 minutes apart. I tried asking her to go ever 20 minutes it didn't help. I make her sit there for a couple of minutes to make sure she's "done" didn't help. Got her tested for UTI she doesn't have one. Anyone have any good ideas? She's starting school on Monday and I'm so worried for her that she'll have accidents every few minutes! I'm really hoping it's just from being bored at home in between cano and school and hopefully she'll get into routine but what if she doesn't?
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Post  Fri, Sep 08 2017, 12:22 am
First thing speak to your pediatrician about miralax and get her on a daily dose of miralax it sounds like she's constipated and therefore keeps on urinating every 15 minutes. You might need a high dose to completely clean her out and then lower daily dose.
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