Is it safe to stay at a hotel in San Diego California?

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Post  Sun, Jun 21 2020, 5:07 pm
We are planning a vacation for August. I’m not sure if it’s safe to stay at a hotel at all. We are thinking about San Diego. Is it safe?
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Post  Sun, Jun 21 2020, 6:08 pm
I don't think anyone can predict what will be happening in August. Cases in California are now rising again.

Much would depend on what you feel is personally safe for you.

For example, I wouldn't fly on a plane unless it was an emergency.

I also wouldn't eat in a restaurant inside because everyone eating there will not be using masks because how can you eat and drink with masks.

Being outside is - at least IMO - a fairly low risk activity. On the other hand, theme parks like Seaworld would not be where I would personally go. The San Diego Zoo is probably relatively low risk since it is outside and one can observe social distancing.

However, chances are one is going to have to wear a mask as it is now required in California and I suspect that it will still be required in August. It is hot in August and I am not sure I would want to be outdoors ALL DAY wearing a mask.

A hotel is probably relatively low risk if one stays at a higher quality hotel as most of them are instituting strong cleaning measures. I would probably bring along wipes though and wipe down every surface that I would be touching.
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Post  Mon, Jul 06 2020, 11:34 am
I live in San Diego. There has been an uptick in covid cases. We had a lot of visitors for July 4th weekend to the city. I’m definitely concerned that covid cases will increase even more because of all the people partying & socializing around town.

I have no idea how safe a hotel is to stay at. Things to do, the zoo is currently open and a safer activity to do since it’s all outdoors.

Please note there is limited kosher options if you come. Coffee Bean is no longer verified kosher. The Place at the JCC is now open again for takeout. There’s a summer kosher restaurant at Beth Jacob open for takeout. Ralphs in La Jolla is open & has kosher options. In La Mesa there is Menchies Frozen yogurt which is under the Vaad (has dairy & parve options). Krispy Kreme donuts is kosher dairy, which has 2-3 locations in SD county.

I’d personally recommend you wait until later to travel here or anywhere. Just my humble opinion. California is a hot spot for covid cases. A close family friend in the area, who is only in their 20s, was recently hospitalized for covid for severe complications. This is someone who was young & healthy and became extremely ill from this disease.
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