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Ridiculous pet-peeves only to you...but are still so peevey?

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Post Wed, Jan 11 2023, 10:18 pm
As I was putting away groceries tonight (so dog-tired after a long day at work), I finally got fed up with looking at the same random, stray, popped pop-corn kernal that somehow made it's way "unnoticed" and unclaimed underneath the microwave oven and laid in wait for the last week or so. My defences for ignoring it down, I finally did away with it. Without my efforts, it's possible a whole feast could end up underneath the microwave at some point in time. But seeing random shadows of stuff under the microwave tends to irk me.

So what are other's silly pet-peeves? (We're not talking about serious ones like someone takes all the hot water before you have a chance to take a shower on erev Shabbos and no time for the hot water to be replenished before Shabbos).

If you post, please respect that people's peeves are peevey in the eye of the beholder, as they say.
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Post Wed, Jan 11 2023, 10:35 pm
Have you ever heard people make a sucking noise after they brush their teeth like to get all the foam ready to spit out? That’s mine. Makes me want to crawl out of my own skin.
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Post Wed, Jan 11 2023, 10:41 pm
Many things make me cringe but I don't want ppl getting too self-conscious...

When ppl are family biased and can't see 2 sides I'm Not listening
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