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My nine month old is suddenly startling so easily

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Post Fri, Apr 05 2024, 5:25 am
From one day to the next. Started jumping form little noises like the toaster popping or knocking on a door. Startles and then crawls over to me quickly. It’s so strange and freaking me out
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Post Fri, Apr 05 2024, 5:40 am
Did something happen that day or the day before. Sounds like she went into fight/flight mode.
At 9 mo it's hard to work out what's going on, id take her to a craniosacral practitioners to rebalance/align/calm the nervous system.

My 2 yo when she was born would bring ang startle from EVERYTHING. Like literally when I came to pick her up, my hand close to her body, when I'd start talking.... she also always seemed uptight.
I have a major scare in that pregnancy. I thought there was a burglar (there was good reason to think so) all my kids were sleeping and dh was out. I froze so bad. Then I called dh and my neighbor went around the back to check things out bh. Turns out it was a HUGE block of snow/ice that fell from my roof. Then some smaller pieces. So a bunch of noises The sounds were so freaky.
Sounded like someone was breaking down the door to the deck.
I was so tight my entire body tightened up. My muscles were stiff and sore for weeks after that. It was so unusual for me becuase I'm actually not a scared type and I'm more of the "let's expose the monster and deal with him" type. But I was sick and pregnant and dh wasn't around.

Anyway, I had a suspicion it was from that. And that the terror and trauma went into her.

I took her to a baby chiropractor and in 2 sessions it was gone.
She's the most easygoing child ever. Bh!
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Post Fri, Apr 05 2024, 5:47 am
I should run to treat this after one day? Or can I expect it to calm down on its own? The only thing I can think of was that in the morning my door was locked by mistake and my son was trying to get in and was banging really loudly
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